Episode 319

Episode 3:19: You Got Moxie, Kid


April 17th, 2023

1 hr 40 mins 19 secs

Season 3

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Coming up in this episode

  1. Leo shows his moxy
  2. Ubuntu falls flat
  3. Watch the browsers
  4. A Look back on our season
  5. and Leo moves his files

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319 Audio Timestamps
0:00 Cold Open
2:03 Proxy Moxie
16:42 Ansible In Your Pantsible
22:56 Ubuntu Falls Flat
41:57 Browser Watch!
1:03:55 Feedback
1:13:49 Season 3 Recap
1:26:17 Community Focus: Geerling Guy
1:28:13 App Focus: TermSCP & Filezilla
1:37:25 Next Time: Raspberry Pi OS
1:39:25 Stinger



Flattening out Ubuntu

More Announcements

Browser Watch


Senor Araton On compiling the Gentoo Kernel

  • Installed a distribution-binary-kernel to get a running system.
  • Leo wants to compile all the things.

John A. On Linux Books

Bradly on the Ubuntu ShipIt Program

  • Tried to convert as many as possible.

Bonus Bradly

  • Also - Leo, make the switch to Proxmox. Dan is right.

R.L. on -O3

  • Just FYI, the compiler option is -O3 (dash oh three), not -03 (dash zero 3) The O obviously stands for Optimize 😅.

Season 3 in review - Pick of the picks


Catch these and other great topics as they unfold on our Subreddit or our News channel on Discord.

Community Focus - Geerling Guy

App Focus Filezilla and termscp

Next Time

The history of Raspberry Pi OS, a few thoughts, and whatever else we can cram into the show*

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