Episode 318

Episode 3:18: The Neverending Story


March 13th, 2023

1 hr 20 mins 57 secs

Season 3

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Coming up in this episode

  1. The Never Ending History
  2. A Cassidy James Experience
  3. And we go berry picking

0:00 Cold Open
1:30 Vivaldi 5.7... Again
3:20 Itty Bitty Server Things
18:44 EndlessOS History, 2010-2012
21:51 2013-2015
25:36 2016-2018
29:25 2019-2021
32:57 2022-2023
36:08 (A Short) How'd It Go?
42:33 A Cassidy James Experience
1:15:31 Next Time: Topics and Feedback
1:19:53 Stinger

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EndlessOS the History

Huge thanks to Cassidy James Blaede for taking the time to join us! Cassidy's web page is here

Endless OS links

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Catch these and other great topics as they unfold on our Subreddit or our News channel on Discord.

Next Time

We will discuss a couple of topics and some feedback. Our next distro is Raspberry Pi OS

Come back in two weeks for more Linux User Space

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