Episode 309

Episode 3:09: The Pico-Sized History of Nano


October 24th, 2022

57 mins 35 secs

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Coming up in this episode

  1. Dropping out of the fediverse
  2. The tiny text
  3. Mozilla Watch
  4. The community holds us ransom
  5. Our app is faster than light

0:00 Cold Open
2:26 Press 'F' to Pay Respects
9:47 The Elm Mail System
10:56 Enter, PINE
11:44 PICO, the PIne COmposer
13:17 TIP Is not PICO
14:23 NANO's ANOther editor
14:57 "Lightning and the rest of 2000
17:37 2001, and the release of 1.0
18:49 2002-2015, Allegretta's gone and back again
21:37 The Drama in 2016
24:17 2016 to 2022, and my, how boring things got
25:13 About nano, and What's Next
31:26 Mozilla Watch
38:44 Feedback!
46:59 Community Focus: The Ransomware Files
48:57 App Focus: Warp
53:39 Next Time: Kali Linux
56:31 Stinger


  • Dan moves on Mastodon because the instance he is on is going away.
  • So long, and thanks for all the fish.


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History Series on Text Editors - GNU Nano

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Mozilla Watch


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  • Menno (Email)
    • EViL keybindings could be an option for Emacs if you are used to Vi/Vim. Thanks for the tip!
  • JonG (Email)
    • Glad you caught your shout out and are enjoying the podcast. We're still fans of the SK Hynix stuff too.
  • Ryan (Email)
    • Thanks for the Gentoo tips. I am sure we will get to it sometime soon-ish. We appreciate your feedback and are glad you are enjoying the show.

Community Focus

App Focus


Next Time

We will discuss Kali Linux and the history.

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