Episode 315

Episode 3:15: A Hot Plate of Hype


January 30th, 2023

1 hr 21 mins 9 secs

Season 3

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Coming up in this episode

  1. A little podman
  2. Manifest v3
  3. Browsers
  4. More Browsers?
  5. And what do you know? More browsers

0:00 Cold Open
1:30 Giving Podman a Whirl
10:14 What's Wrong with a Few Boxes?
18:08 Browser Watch: Firefox 109
22:47 Browser Watch: Manifest v3 History
31:44 Browser Watch: A Little More Manifest v3
40:03 Browser Watch: The Chromium Scrolls
48:24 Browser Watch: A Fix to the Web
56:06 Feedback: Johnny and LinuxGameCast
58:51 Kid3 Turns 20
1:00:39 QR Codes for All!
1:05:22 Community Focus: ASUS NLC
1:09:41 App Focus: Gnome Web + Tangram
1:17:51 Next Time: CentOS
1:20:03 Stinger

The video version:



Firefox 109 brings manifest v3 support

Maniwhat, now? Version who?

More Announcements

Moar Browser Watch

Chromium answers Leo's prayers! In 109, Linux scrolling seems to have been fixed.


  • Thanks Johnny (Aromatic Dev) for having the Linux Game Cast folks give us a shout.

A couple of other topics


Catch these and other great topics as they unfold on our Subreddit or our News channel on Discord.

Community Focus

App Focus Gnome Web + Tangram

Next Time

The history of CentOS, a few thoughts, and whatever else we can cram into the show*

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