Episode 311

Episode 3:11: The Linux User Space Graveyard


November 21st, 2022

1 hr 19 mins 59 secs

Season 3

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Coming up in this episode

  1. Internet woes, part deux.
  2. Knocking them over, one at a time...
  3. Angry Birdsite?
  4. Knock knock. What's the password?
  5. We get the explanation.

The Video

0:00 Cold Open
1:30 ISP Woes
7:37 The Linux User Space Curse
17:32 The Fediverse is Booming
34:32 Managing Your Passwords
52:07 A Little More Feedback
1:02:37 Veronica Explains
1:07:03 Pass
1:18:54 Stinger


  • Leo has Internet woes.
  • Dan's Curse!


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Fediverse is booming and Twitter is imploding.


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Password managers

Curtis thanks for the feedback! You have a great setup going there.

On Linux User Space

  • Paul wrote us on Mastodon
  • It was a great thread. Bottom line is, use what you like, no shame in doing so. Even if it isn't Linux we hope you enjoy and find some value in what we are doing here.

On "Where does the non-distro history go next?"

  • Johnny, one of our fantastic patrons, gave a thumbs up to our mention of desktop environments and how often these histories would come out.
  • He said "Hi, I vote for quality over quantity. I also vote for Leo's favorite, the history of XFCE! :D"

On the Community that hasn't been Toxic?

Youtube/Sigma: Nice content
LUS: Why thank you!
Youtube/Sigma: because I actually think it's super underrated
LUS: Now you're making us blush 😊 This is the type of thing that gives us the energy to keep going.

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We will discuss Linux Lite and the history.

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