Episode 220

Episode 2:20: AFK, TTYL


March 28th, 2022

2 hrs 3 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

0:00 Cold Open
1:44 Banter: The Finale!
5:26 Best Distros of the Season?
23:54 Fedora 36, Coming Soon!
26:41 Ubuntu 22.04, Coming Soon!
31:46 Ubuntu's Accent Colors
34:25 Ubuntu's Triple Buffering
39:30 Ubuntu's New Logo
48:24 Browser in the Browser
59:43 Feedback: Levsky
1:08:09 Feedback: Peter
1:13:11 Feedback: Lioh
1:17:55 Feedback: CubicleNate
1:20:16 Feedback: Larry
1:32:13 Feedback: Aris
1:37:50 Housekeeping
1:41:34 App Focus: Metadata Cleaner
1:46:24 Our Top 3 Favorite Apps
1:53:51 Next Time
2:02:45 Stinger

Coming up in this episode

  1. We look to the past
  2. We look to the present
  3. And we look to the future

Banter - Stay Tuned

  • We are taking a break but we will be back soon (a couple of months). We plan to keep our livestreams going on twitch. Watch our socials and linuxuserspace.show
  • We look back at our season

Fedora 36 is coming

Ubuntu 22.04 is also coming

Phishing for the Experienced


Levsky via YouTube - Slackware

  • Is it good to learn for professional advancement? Listen to our thoughts.

Peter via YouTube - on past episodes

  • We moved YouTube channels some time ago.
  • We plan to post "reruns" during the offseason while we upload past episodes. Watch the playlists on our channel for updates.
  • Make sure to ring the bell and subscribe :smile:

Lioh via Email - on Proper Slacking

CubicleNate via Patreon - on Xfree86 transition

Larry via Email - on KDE Plasma

Eric via Matrix - on the Framework Laptop

Aris via Discord - on Distro Benefits


App Focus

Metadata Cleaner

We look back at the great apps

Next Time

We return from our break. Our first show back will be a topic show. We have some things we anticipate we will be covering throughout the season, Leo's Framework Laptop, My SteamDeck, Leo's Pinephone.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS in Season 3 Episode 2

Join us in some weeks when we return to the Linux User Space

Stay tuned on Twitter, Mastodon, Telegram, Matrix, Discord whatever. Give us your suggestions on our subreddit r/LinuxUserSpace Join the conversation. Talk to us, and give us more ideas.

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