Episode 214

Episode 2:14: Carry on my Wayland Son


January 3rd, 2022

1 hr 29 mins 30 secs

Season 2

Your Hosts

About this Episode

0:00 Cold Open
2:28 Banter: Void Linux Bits
4:46 Feedback: Kyle S
17:26 DuckDuckGo Desktop Browser
21:35 DuckDuckGo Search Up 46%
24:45 Brave Browser Protects Network-State
29:44 Hold On, Ghostery Dawn?
36:49 No Manifest v3 For Me!
51:57 Audacity 50x Faster
57:31 Krita Gets New Features
1:03:12 Wayland Uses Less Energy Than X
1:08:37 Wayland Games Better Than X, Too!
1:13:20 Housekeeping
1:19:13 App Focus: Kid3, EasyTag
1:25:48 Next Time: NixOS
1:28:03 Stinger

Coming up in this episode

  1. Browsers on Browsers
  2. Manifest v3 is not for me
  3. Audacity X50 speed
  4. Krita sees a big release
  5. So Far aWayland from me
  6. Tag you're it

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Banter - Feedback

  • Void Linux bits (Thanks Duncaen)
  • Vanilla Linux - That was Void's original name.
  • xbps-src was originally called pkgfs
  • And Juan P (Xtraeme) had some early ramblings on Void and its upbringing!
  • Kyle's Email - Thanks for your feedback!
    • Some gdebi info
    • If you are on a KDE plasma desktop, Discover can install .deb packages too. Like gdebi, just right click on the file and select Discover to open with.
    • General Github software download techniques.
      • Look for a releases section and download the binary release from there.
      • If you don't see that look for the code button and download the zip file. You can also use git (If you know how and have it installed) and just copy the git url in the code button too.
    • So you downloaded a shell script...
      • I try to keep it organized and place them in ~/bin
      • You can add that to your $PATH (perhaps a bit advanced) to make it easier to call.
      • You can give it the executable flag, (most file managers have this option). Or change mode on the command line - chmod +x FILENAME
      • To start your script: ./FILENAME.sh
      • While you may not understand all of the code, it is a good idea to glance at it.


Privacy Watch

Audacity 3.1.3 is released.

  • Audacity 3.1.3
    • The bold claim - Improved performance. Loading in projects especially should now be up to 50x faster compared to 3.1.0
    • Many bugfixes too.
  • Bigger question: Is Audacity still on everyone's no-install list?

Krita 5.0 is released.

  • Official release announcement
  • Highlights:
    • It has a revamped animation system
    • A brand new storyboard editor
    • A session recorder that'll let you make videos out of your work
    • and tons more stuff

How can we benefit from Wayland?


App Focus

kid3 and EasyTAG

Next Time

We wrap up our thoughts on NixOS


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