Episode 420

Episode 4:20: The Ultimate Linux Experience!


June 10th, 2024

1 hr 25 mins 57 secs

Season 4

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Coming up in this episode

  • Do you think Larry uses Firefox?
  • The Compiled History of Gentoo
  • and How we emerged from the year long journey

0:00 Cold Open
2:44 Mozilla Watch!
24:59 Gentoo - The Early Years
30:30 Gentoo - 1.0 And Beyond
35:20 Gentoo - 2007 to 2014
39:56 Gentoo - 2015 to the Present
45:37 The ENTIRE Gentoo Journey
1:20:49 Next Season?
1:24:52 Stinger

The Video Version!

Mozilla Watch


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The History of Gentoo

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