Episode 415

Episode 4:15: Fox, Socks, Inbox, Knox


March 18th, 2024

1 hr 33 mins 15 secs

Season 4

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Coming up in this episode

  • Telemetry helps us all
  • Immutability blues
  • A correction or two
  • And more feedback

📽️The video version

0:00 Cold Open
1:34 The GOOD Telemetry
23:33 Gnome Classic & Friends
31:16 The Incredible Immutables
44:00 A Slight Correction
50:25 A Little Backstory
59:24 mintCast, CKP, FCWN & DHD
1:02:31 So Lightweight!
1:10:23 Another Dive into Notes
1:21:48 Fix GRUB, Add Color
1:29:49 Next Time
1:31:58 Stinger

🔥Warm up🔥

Dan Johansen in Matrix


This program was made possible by:

Fragmentation? Not on My Watch!

Muesli from Matrix

📣More Announcements📣

A quick correction

jensmander1223 on Youtube

The history of Dan and Leo

visamp from Matrix

  • Leo and Dan both did Linux Spotlight Episodes with our former co-host Rocco. Dan's episode and Leo's
  • We plan to drop some more tidbits in the not too distant future.

Peter Jones

Emiliano from Argentina

  • Thanks for the message, the Spanish test and the support.

QOwnNotes & Joplin


Another Vote for Obsidian. Then Anki, RemNote and LogSeq



Catch these and other great topics as they unfold on our Subreddit or our News channel on Discord.

Gentoo Focus

  • Jensmander1223 sent some tips to help Dan with his bootloader issue. Dan will continue to keep working on that. Jensmander also sent along the tip to use colordiff which can highlight differences when changing config files. We plan to go over a few of these on an upcoming livestream.

🔭Next Time🔭

We plan to explore and provide the history of LXDE Desktop Environment.

Come back in two weeks for more Linux User Space

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