Episode 406

Episode 4:06: Anything But Common


October 16th, 2023

1 hr 22 mins 34 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Coming up in this episode

  • We do a little upgrade
  • Firefox fixes a tooltip
  • The History of W, V, X and CDE
  • How it went
  • And a new old desktop to explore

0:00 Cold Open
1:42 Lemmy's Upgraded!
10:56 A 22 Year Old Bug
15:50 Install Firefox Correctly
22:22 CDE History: Intro
24:04 CDE History: X
27:33 CDE History: OPEN LOOK
29:25 CDE History: COSE
31:28 CDE History: CDE & Others
34:24 CDE History: The Opening
36:14 CDE History: The Releases
43:02 How'd CDE Go?
1:16:00 Next Time
1:21:29 Stinger

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  • The LUS Lemmy instance got an update.
    • The ansible repo switched to tagged releases. There were ⚠️breaking changes⚠️ that needed to be prepared for.
    • One of the issues Dan had is likely fixed now.
  • The Bug that's old enough to drink and drive, but hopefully not at the same time!
  • Dan installed Firefox from the .tar.gz download.
    • Spoiler - it updates just fine because my user is the owner in the /opt directory.


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  • The letters W, V, X, C, D and E
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  • 📽️TILvids
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The History of The Common Desktop Environment (CDE)

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Next Time

Some topics and feedback. Our next history exploration is the Xfce Desktop Environment

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