Episode 403

Episode 4:03: This is the WEI


August 21st, 2023

1 hr 32 mins 7 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

Coming up in this episode

  • Immutability is confusing
  • Going the wrong WEI (or W-E-I)
  • Reverb Focus
  • Hardware Focus
  • And Gentoo Focus

0:00 Cold Open
1:34 Immutability Is Confusing
21:25 Going the Wrong WEI
40:55 Reverb Focus
45:56 Community Focus
51:09 Gentoo Focus
1:29:25 Next Time
1:31:02 Stinger

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Web Environment Integrity

More Announcements

Reverb Focus, all about the feedback.




I have created a few useful (hopefully) gists related to Debian
sources.list files and Debian download links. Here are links to those gists,


Catch these and other great topics as they unfold on our Subreddit or our News channel on Discord.

Community Focus - Hardware Haven

Gentoo Focus

Next Time

The history of the Fedora Immutable Desktops so Fedora Silverblue or Fedora Kinoite or Fedora Sericea.

Come back in two weeks for more Linux User Space

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