Episode 209

Episode 2:09: Garudians of the Galaxy


October 25th, 2021

1 hr 38 mins 1 sec

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0:00 Cold Open
1:15 Coming Up
1:50 Banter - Gitea in Docker
11:48 History: Garuda
52:27 Thoughts: Garuda
1:15:42 Housekeeping
1:21:36 App Focus
1:33:46 Next Time
1:35:28 Thank You
1:36:24 Stinger

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Coming up in this episode

  1. Leo got tea in Docker
  2. We teach you how to train your Dragon
  3. We fly like an eagle
  4. Our app pick helps Leo install Mac and Windows

Banter - Tea Time, come and Git it.

Garuda Linux

  • Site: garudalinux.org formerly garudalinux.in
  • Base System: Arch
  • Desktop Environment: Flagship: Plasma
  • File Manager: Flagship: Dolphin
  • Package Manager: pacman
  • Kernel: Most Up To Date Zen Kernel
  • Display Manager: Flagship: SDDM
  • Display Protocol: Wayland or X11
  • Project Leaders: Librewish, SGS & Dragonfire
  • Other Team Members


App Focus

This episode's app:

Next Time

With us trying out Garuda Linux for this past month, that means our next show will be topic based. We have a few topics planned for you and all of them will affect you in the Linux User Space.

Our next distro to check out is Zorin OS

Join us in two weeks when we return to the Linux User Space

Stay tuned on Twitter, Telegram, Matrix, Discord, Reddit whatever. Join the conversation. Talk to us, and give us more ideas.

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