Episode 02

Episode 02: Transitioning to frustration


July 27th, 2020

1 hr 16 mins 27 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Coming up in this episode we cover

  1. Rocco's Audio Woes
  2. Linux Mint 20 & big ol grey mammal in the room
  3. and take a look at a program we can't believe isn't on every Linux Distro

Welcome to the Linux User Space

Linux Mint 20

Linux Mint
Clement Lefebvre
Cinnamon Desktop
Interview 2007
Interview 2013
Ubuntu was never "forked". It was and still is used as a package base and regarded as an upstream component. Why Ubuntu? Because it was (and still is) the best package base.
Basic Distro Details

  • Base System - Ubuntu
  • Desktop Environment - Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE
  • File Manager - Nemo, fork of Nautilus
  • Package Manager - APT / DEB
  • User Interface - GTK 3
  • System & Service Manager - systemd
  • Software Manager or Synaptic if your an animal
  • Display Manager - LightDM
  • Window Manager - Xorg by no Wayland support yet

Release Notes Linux Mint 20 LTS
- Warpinator
- Allows sharing of files across local network
- Originally featured in Linux Mint 6 called "Giver"
- Goal here is to have a simple easy to use out of the box way to transfer files
- NVIDIA Optimus Support Improvements
- Switching between integrated or Dedicated Graphics
- Fully supports the "NVIDIA On Demand" feature
- Right click app from menu and option to launch with NVIDIA
- Tray Updates


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App Focus


This episode's app: Warpinator.

It's timely since we're using Linux Mint, and that's the crucible it was forged in.

It's installed by default in Linux Mint 20, and available... in the AUR. Everyone else will need to compile it from Github at this point.

Warpinator is basically just AirDrop on Mac and iOS, but for Linux.

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